april, 2017

29apralldayalldayLemonade Day Louisville(All Day: saturday) Across City of Louisville Event Organized By: Lauren Coulter Cost: Free!


Event Details

Lemonade Day is a fun and interactive way for kids to learn how to start their own business using a lemonade stand.  The program has 15 or so “lessons” that teach the basic principles of creating a product, buying materials, paying back “investors”, then deciding what to do with profit.  The kids are encouraged to save, donate to a charity, and keep a little for themselves.  Our first ever Lemonade Day Louisville, presented by River City Bank (member FDIC) will be April 29, 2017.

Beginning around mid March, kids can sign up online at louisville.lemonadeday.org to participate.  They will be able to pick up a backpack with all their training materials and goodies at a River City Bank location.  They can work through the materials and then participate in the city wide Lemonade Day on April 29!




Lauren Coulterlauren@lemonadeday.org, 706-338-7109


All Day (Saturday)


Across City of Louisville